How to add a new product – Add variable product

  1. Go to Products > Add New
  2. Fill Title
  3. Fill Product Short description
  4. Select Product Category 
  5. Fill Product Description (optional)
  6. Add Product image
    1. On the right hand side Go to Product Image > Set Product image
      1. Select new file
      2. Or select image from Media library
  7. Change Product Data from “Simple Product” to “Variable Product”
  8. Add your attributes and variations
    1. Go to Attributes tab >
      1. Add Attribute name. e.g size
      2. Add attributes seperated by a | . e.g 250gm | 500gm | 1kg
      3. Tick “used for variations”
    2. Add your variations
      1. Go to Variations tab
      2. Click on “Create variations from all attributes”
      3. Edit each attribute by adding a price or a specific image or by managing stock for each variation
      4. Click save
  9. Now click on the blue “Publish” button